Armstrong Cup lost 5-3 to Bray

A depleted Armstrong Cup team lost 5-3 to Bray last night. Excellent wins for subs Bogdan and Mohammad, draws for Kevin and Conor. Thanks to the subs Bogdan, Mohammad, Tom and Micheal for playing.

On a funny note our two victor on the night and one of our draws came from the guys who were late due to the traffic being so bad, but they made up for the 40+ minutes or so they were down on time and contributed to a great result.

Ladder Competition 2016

Welcome to the Phibsborough Chess Club Ladder Competition 2016

The ladder competition will run all the way through without interrupting the leagues, club championships and the summer competition.
Attached are the rules and the initial randomised ladder for the competition. New players will be added to the bottom of the ladder.

The list was prepared from the team lists. I have already spotted two people not on the list. I will add them on the next email.
If there are any others missing please forward an email to me. I will also be calling a couple of players who do not have emails.

The games begin in January. Forward me an email for contact details if you want to arrange a match on the 4th January or email/phone them yourself.
The €5 entry will pay for the prizes to be given out on the night of
the Christmas Blitz next year.

Club Ladder Competition 2016