Club Championships 2016

The first round of the above tournament will take place on the

14th April 2016 at 7.30pm.

It will be an all play tournament divided into sections A, B, C etc.

Starting with the highest rated entry and working down to the lowest

rated entry.

Size of sections will depend on entries but players will be within their

own rating group where possible.

The rate of play

The rate of play will be all moves in One hour and thirty minutes.

( 90 minutes.)

The FIDE laws of chess will apply with one exception.

FIDE rule 11.3b regarding the ringing of mobile phones will not be applied for the following reason, this competition is among friends

and club mates and should be played with this in mind, therefore

a player cannot claim the game if his opponents phone rings out

but, the person whose phone rings should not leave the playing

area if it is his move.

Players may arrange with an opponent to play on the Thursday

night provided his opponent is given advance notice.

Entry Fee is €5.

There will be no monetary prize, trophies will be awarded at the A.G.M.

Please leave your name and a contact number on the sheet below (in the Club)

If you wish to participate.