Phibsboro Chess Club wish to congratulate Stephen on winning his 7th Irish Championship. This is a record in recent times and he is now well on his way to catching J.J. O Hanlon's record who won his 9th title in 1940.

As the standard of Irish chess has risen considerably in the last 50 years ,and there is much greater competition, this latest win must elevate Stephen to a top place in the Irish Chess hall of fame.

This years victory was most comphrensive as he had secured his win with a round to go and had met all the leading challengers en route.

Phibsboro are proud to have a player like Stephen. He joined the club over 25 years ago, as a teenager, and his exceptional ability was soon apparent to all. During the last decade he has played a major role in the clubs 5 Armstrong Cup victories and numerous Brannigan Cup wins.

During all this time he has remained a steadfast club member and an absolute gentleman. We wish him further success in his career and look forward to his many more years association with Phibsboro.

M. Germaine. (Club Secretary)
Information on the 2011 Irish Chess Championship is available here
Profile of Stephen Brady by Mel O'Cinneide (June 1995) here

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