Summer Blitz 2017

Please note a Summer blitz will be run in the club room on

Monday 28th August 2017.
8 round Swiss perfect.
All moves in 5 minutes to each player
Entry fee €5.
Start time 8pm. Sharp.

Members wishing to play please put your name on the notice board in the club or  email  me, thank you.

M Germaine ([email protected]). Controller.


Club Championships 2017

The club championship will be starting on Monday 8th May 2017.

All members wishing to play please put your name on the notice board in the club or send to me by e mail [email protected] not later than Thursday 4th May 2017. Or by phone.
(H) 01 8556576 (M) 085 8755443.

By order of the committee.

M Germaine Sec.


Christmas Blitz

Please note the Christmas blitz this year will take place in the club room on Monday  12th December 2016 at 7.30 pm.

And there will be prizes for everybody. Entry fee €5.

All members wishing to take part please put your name on the notice board in the club or by return of this email not later than Thursday 8th December 2016.

Thank you.

M Germaine Sec.


Summer Blitz Competition

Hi Members.

Please note a blitz competition will be held in the club room on Monday 18th July 2016 @ 7.45 pm.

Any members wishing to play please put your name on the notice board in the club, or by returning this mail with your name on it.  Or by e mail @ [email protected]. Ph. 018556576.  M 0858744553.

6 round competition 10 minutes each side.

€ 5 Entry fee.

Prizes to be decided by the committee


Controller M Germaine





Club Championships 2016

The first round of the above tournament will take place on the

14th April 2016 at 7.30pm.

It will be an all play tournament divided into sections A, B, C etc.

Starting with the highest rated entry and working down to the lowest

rated entry.

Size of sections will depend on entries but players will be within their

own rating group where possible.

The rate of play

The rate of play will be all moves in One hour and thirty minutes.

( 90 minutes.)

The FIDE laws of chess will apply with one exception.

FIDE rule 11.3b regarding the ringing of mobile phones will not be applied for the following reason, this competition is among friends

and club mates and should be played with this in mind, therefore

a player cannot claim the game if his opponents phone rings out

but, the person whose phone rings should not leave the playing

area if it is his move.

Players may arrange with an opponent to play on the Thursday

night provided his opponent is given advance notice.

Entry Fee is €5.

There will be no monetary prize, trophies will be awarded at the A.G.M.

Please leave your name and a contact number on the sheet below (in the Club)

If you wish to participate.


Ladder Competition 2016

Welcome to the Phibsborough Chess Club Ladder Competition 2016

The ladder competition will run all the way through without interrupting the leagues, club championships and the summer competition.
Attached are the rules and the initial randomised ladder for the competition. New players will be added to the bottom of the ladder.

The list was prepared from the team lists. I have already spotted two people not on the list. I will add them on the next email.
If there are any others missing please forward an email to me. I will also be calling a couple of players who do not have emails.

The games begin in January. Forward me an email for contact details if you want to arrange a match on the 4th January or email/phone them yourself.
The €5 entry will pay for the prizes to be given out on the night of
the Christmas Blitz next year.

Club Ladder Competition 2016


Christmas Blitz

The Club Christmas Blitz takes place next monday 14th of december in the club. All members new, old and older are welcome.

The Christmas Blitz/lightening is a great tradition in the club, and great social event for many players who play on different teams, or are not frequently in the club to have a few games. So Enjoy…