Club Officers and Committee

2017-2018 Club Officials and Committee

  • President – Bernard Hegarty
  • Club Secretary – Michael Germaine
  • Treasurer – Tony Mooney
  • Committee Members – Tom Fitzpatrick, Brendan Clare and Christ Deeny
  • Webmaster – Conor Gilmer

The Committee and club officials are elected by vote, and the Clubs AGM, which usually takes place at the end of august prior to the commencement of the Leinster Leagues.

2017 – 2018 Leinster Leagues Team Captains

  • Heidenfeld Trophy – Michael Delaney and Conor Gilmer
  • Ennis Shield – Tom Fitzpatrick
  • BEA Cup North – Peter C. Jackson
  • Bodley Cup North A Team –
  • Bodley Cup North B Team –
League Table and Fixtures