Summer Competition Round 5 Draw

Round 5 Draw
1 Butler, Kevin C. [4] : Germaine, Michael [2.5]
2 Duffy, Noel [2.5] : Scarry, Herbert [3]
3 Murray, Val [2] : Duffy, Anthony [2.5]
4 Gilmer, Noel C. [2] : Sweeney, Jim [2]
5 Dalton, David [1.5] : Jackson, Peter C. [1.5]
6 Dyer, Mick [1] : Leggett, Robert [1.5]
7 Byrne, Brendan [1] : Martin, Edward A. [1]

Letter from Bono on meeting Garry Kasparov (Kasparov2014)

Bono mentioned his fond memories of playing in Phibsboro, in his letter on Kasparov’s campaign website.

Letter from U2’s Bono on Chess and Meeting Garry Kasparov

Thinking ahead, thinking around corners, guessing somebody else’s next move… these were the pleasures of chess for me… my greatest childhood pleasure. In Ballymun we had a chess club, like so many kids at the beginning of the 70s, I fell head over heels for this dizzy strategic game.  I have fond memories of the Phisboro club also where myself and my friend Joseph Marks were let play with the grown ups.

Part of our passion was to study the great masters.  Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky were virtual pop stars at the time.  Everybody knew them. Anatoly Karpov, the Russian grand master, was my favourite.  Later, Garry Kasparov would unseat him in my own mind as the best of the best.  I admired his nagging intellect.  I still do.  He continues to ask the most difficult questions about the world, about Russia, human rights, the injustice of extreme poverty.   He is passionate about teaching the game of chess to children.  Not just because of its role in exercising the brain, but because of the confidence it gives kids in thinking through the future.  And his belief that that future can be better than the one presently on the board.

I met the great man recently in Dublin, and heard he was running for President of FIDE. I can’t think of a more luminous mind to take that position.  I became a child again in his company. I badgered him about the titanic match of 1984 between himself and Karpov – while all he wanted to talk about was Ireland and sub-Saharan Africa.   Looking back, the arrival of puberty and learning to play the guitar may have hampered my dexterity in the game.  It is not like riding a bike, I have recently discovered.  But sitting there in the Clarence across the table from Garry Kasparov, inside my head I found myself rattling through my game-plan, my opening strategy, and calculating just how many moves I could hold out before his check-mate.  Three.

Bono, 2014

Summer Competition Round 4 Draw

Please note with 4 players unable to play on Thursday night I have moved the fixture to Monday night 11th August.
Boards 1 to 3 will be played on Monday 11th.
All the other 4 games can be played on Thursday 7th if it suits.

Round 4 Draw.
1 Duffy, Anthony [2.5] : Butler, Kevin C. [3]
2 Scarry, Herbert [2] : Gilmer, Noel C. [2]
3 Duffy, Noel [1.5] : Dalton, David [1.5]
4 Leggett, Robert [1.5] : Germaine, Michael [1.5]
5 Sweeney, Jim [1.5] : Murray, Val [1.5]
6 Jackson, Peter C. [1] : Martin, Edward A. [.5]
7 Dyer, Mick [.5] : Byrne, Brendan [.5]

Summer Competition Round 3 Draw

Round 3 draw for Monday 28th July, the best of luck to everyone.

1 Butler, Kevin C. [2] : Scarry, Herbert [2]
2 Duffy, Anthony [2] : Duffy, Noel [1]
3 Dalton, David [1] : Sweeney, Jim [1]
4 Murray, Val [1] : Leggett, Robert [1]
5 Martin, Edward A. [.5] : Gilmer, Noel C. [1]
6 Germaine, Michael [.5] : Dyer, Mick [.5]
7 Jackson, Peter C. [.5] : Byrne, Brendan [0]

Summer Competition Round 2

Round 2.
1 Duffy, Noel [1] : Butler, Kevin C. [1]
2 Scarry, Herbert [1] : Murray, Val [1]
3 Leggett, Robert [1] : Duffy, Anthony [1]
4 Gilmer, Noel C. [0] : Germaine, Michael [.5]
5 Sweeney, Jim [.5] : Jackson, Peter C. [0]
6 Dyer, Mick [0] : Martin, Edward A. [0]
7 Byrne, Brendan [0] 1:0 BYE

Summer Competition

The first round draw for Monday  14th July 2014.
Starting time 7.30 pm sharp.
Clocks start at 7.30 pm Sharp.

1 Butler, K (1)       :     Jackson, P (7)
2 Martin, E (8)       :     Scarry, H (2)
3 Duffy, A (3)        :     Dyer, M (9)
4 Byrne, B (10)       :     Duffy, N (4)
5 Germaine, M (5)     :     Sweeney, J (11)
6 Murray, V (12)      :     Gilmer, N (6)
7 Leggett, R (13)    1:0    BYE

Summer Time Club Nights


Summer Time 

The club will close

On Thursday nights from

9th June till the end August 2014

Except for August Bank holiday weekend the club will open on Thursday 5th August instead.

M Germaine


Club Championship 2014 Announcement

Monday 28th April 2014 Entry Fee €5

8 Players in each section according to ratings 7 rounds all play all 1 game per week. Graded Senior section. All moves 2 Hours

All other sections all moves in 1 Hour 45 Min.

Members-: Please put your name on the notice board in the club room or contact the secretary [email protected] Mobile. 085 8744553



Leinster Leagues Final Round

The final round of the leagues will be held on Sunday 13th April 2014. The venue is the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1. Divisions 2, and 4 (Heidenfeld and O’Hanlon) will be played in the morning. Divisions 1, 3 and 5 (Armstrong, Ennis and BEA) will be played in the afternoon. The morning session will commence at 10am and the afternoon session will commence at 3pm. Teams must bring their own boards sets and clocks. Prizes will be presented at the completion of each session.